Last month I decided to take my way to the hairdresser and do something that had been on my mind for a long time. Here I am with short hair now. I wasn’t very active in trying out different hairstyles when I had long hair but it’s so much easier now! Therefore, I found 5 simple styles to pimp up my short hair a little bit.
Less is more! Straight hair is always a safe choice that works on any length hair.
This Taylor Swift inspired fringe is something I would’ve said ‘no’ to some time ago. Now I decided to step out of my comfort zone and I must say, I’m impressed!
Half up top knot is definitely something popular amongst a lot of girls right now. I fell in love with this hairstyle immediately! And it is perfect to keep your short hair away from your face.
Here’s another way to get your hair away from your face. Curls make this style a little bit more fancy and I think braids and hair updos look much better on curly hair.
We can’t get past basic curls. I just love it how they compliment my face shape. And with short hair, it takes me literally 5 minutes!

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