I must say I’m so thankful to Pinterest for existing! I get all my motivation, inspiration and ideas from there and today I want to show you my style inspiration who is Rihanna. She is the one and only celebrity whose style I admire from head to toe.
Besides making great music, her outfits are to die for! It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a jacket that’s 3 sizes bigger or a dress made of diamonds – everything seems so natural on her.

The thing I like the most about her style is that she can be super classy but also sporty and still maintain that elegance. She combines fancy items with streetwear just the way I like it. And it’s possible to make many of her looks wearable in your everyday life.

She totally ignores the saying ‘less is more’ and that’s what inspires me to experiment more and step out of my comfort zone.

It’s worth mentioning that her favourite lipstick is probably red and besides being a great singer and looking fabulous all the time, wearing black lipstick is another thing she can do on world class level.


Do you agree with me?


All photos from Pinterest

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