In April I was lucky to go on a trip to Italy with my schoolmates. To be honest, Italy was never the place where I would’ve gone as my first choice. But I fell in love with this country immediately. The beauty of nature and architecture is amazing! We were blessed with really warm and sunny weather as well, which made this trip perfect. First stop…


The view to river Arno from Ponte Vecchio meaning the Old Bridge
The old town reminded me of Tallinn Old Town. Narrow streets, a few bigger squares, different boutiques and cafes. You walk past a gelato stall every 3 minutes. It was surprising that several restaurants with similar menu were located next to each other, then all of a sudden was a Chanel shop and then H&M.
The only pizzas you can get anywhere are Margherita and Salame. You can figure out the toppings yourself, haha. You’re right – cheese and salami. The Salame is usually quite spicy.
A lot of buildings have little terraces or balconies that are furnished with chairs and flower pots. I imagine that sitting there on a warm summer day enjoying the view to the river and eating breakfast is a real il dolce far niente as Italians like to say, the sweetness of doing nothing, translated to English.
Arrivederci, amici!

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