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The Colosseum
The Colosseum is a place where you definitely need to take a guided tour to understand the history. We didn’t have that chance and due to that the world’s biggest amphitheatre wasn’t as impressive as I was hoping. However, it’s odd to think that this building has stood up for 2000 years already.
Arch of Constantine, 315 AD
The ruins of Rome’s old town are lower than the rest of the city. Looking at it from above feels like looking at a miniature. I was surprised that despite the fact that Rome is a very old city, it gave an impression of a new city. The streets were clean and beautiful, you could see a lot of interesting trees and parks everywhere. Especially near the old town.
Altare della Patria
The fountain of Trevi was one of my favourite places due it’s ‘raw’ appearance. It was the first location in two days that was totally overcrowded. We ate pasta for lunch – wasn’t anything special. I’m more used to our Estonian pasta that has a lot of ingredients. I feel like Italians really love simple things. And keep in mind to never buy fruits from a booth that you see on a random street. I bought 3 bananas and 3 plums for 8 euros, insane! And these weren’t even local.
The bridge of Vittorio Emanuele II
Arrivederci, amici!

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