La Vie Est Belle / San Marino

Rome continued with…

…San Marino

The city-state of San Marino in the middle of Italy is a real paradise under the clouds. Driving uphill through the city to the old town we saw a lot of green space and colorful flowers. The old town is surrounded by the walls and hides wonderful views, small stairs to private places, boutiques… It’s a Romantic city.
The view of the city, the Mediterranean sea on the horizon
There are 3 fortresses on the mountaintops that are connected by narrow stairs. For me, San Marino was the highlight of our trip due to its clean, beautiful and calm impression. I’ve heard it’s one of the favorite places for Estonians and considering the locals’ ability to greet us in Estonian definitely approves that. When our bus arrived, the local shopkeepers had also searched out their Estonian flags. Odd experience.
Arrivederci, amici! 

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