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Venice is located on the islands of Venetian Lagoon. It’s a total mystery for me to understand how these houses even stand up in the middle of this amount of water. It was clear that the water had left stains on the facade. In the middle of the city between the market streets are fewer canals but huge gondolas reminded us that we’re still in Venice. Half of the city on one side of the Grand Canal was fulfilled with expensive designer shops such as Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. On the other side were the farmers’ market and typical tourist shops.

The Grand Canal
The Grand Canal
We had a chance to stop by the farmers’ market to buy this year’s first strawberries that were so good and sweet!

I found it interesting that the police and all the transportation for people and goods happen on the water. You can get to the islands only on special taxi boats and moving around on the islands is possible only on foot.

The day in Venice was extra special for me because it was the day of my 18th birthday. To be honest I didn’t really feel like it’s my birthday but the idea of turning 18 in Venice is cool.

Venice was also the last stop of our trip. It was great to remember the beauty of Italy and the experiences we got. This blog is like a travel diary for me. Italy was really impressive and left me with a feeling of wanting to explore even more of its beauty. I definitely want to go back and find the something that was missing from this time.

Arrivederci, amici!

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