As soon as I saw this Levi’s batwing T-shirt on my colleague I knew I have to get it! Wasn’t long until the whole Instagram was flooded with these tees. Can’t even figure out what’s so special about it… Trying to avoid the basic jeans and T-shirt combination, I grabbed a skirt instead. This A-symmetric cut makes your legs visually longer which is only a positive thing for me, haha. Trainers make my being a lot more comfortable, while the red lipstick gives a little bit more mature impression.
Considering dark lipstick I discovered a great tip for removing it. Usually it takes time and dedication to get a matte lipstick off but the lifesaver here is coconut oil. I just warm up a little bit with my fingers and gently massage my lips until the lipstick is starting to come off. And then i just clean my face with water and a little bit of face wash. Super simple!

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