I shared a video on my Facebook a few days ago, where one of my favourite creatives, Evelina Barry, shared her thoughts regarding her YouTube channel and content that you can see all over social media. I have no idea how many of you actually watched the whole 20 minutes but at least my intentions were good and if you did, I hope it made you a little bit more critical about what you see every day. And if you still haven’t seen it, you’re welcome…

I found this video at the very right time – I have been really thinking about my own social media channels lately and although I do not think that I am an influencer in any way, I found myself trying to be one. I mean, you see all these people (influencers, if you prefer that word) doing so much fun stuff and getting so cool opportunities that it’s easy to get caught into posting content just for the sake of posting. Without the post having any goal or purpose.

As you might know, I was very active on Instagram for a few weeks and despite the fact that it did grow my profile, it started to feel unnatural. I got bored of myself. And if that happens, everyone else must get bored of me sooner or later. I must admit, I took my outfit photos just because I “needed” to in order to keep my account active. Not because I found a cool spot or were feeling extra good about myself that day. As I’ve mentioned before, things get unpleasant when they become obligatory.

That brings me back to Evelina’s YouTube video. When all these social platforms started to get popular, people did it for fun. Youtubers became such a big thing because some people just figured out that it’s fun to record their life or share their knowledge online through a video. And other people engaged with it. It was fun. Now it’s just business. Yes, offering quality content is vital to growing your platform or personal brand etc. But it doesn’t have to be overdone or fake.

Before I came here, I thought I am going to make all these awesome fashion and beauty posts for my blog but have you seen any in the past two months? No. Because I reviewed my blog’s feedback and came to an understanding that unless I post something extremely surprising or new about myself, there’s really no point in posting it. We are so overwhelmed with information anyway, that if you want to know how to make a body butter or clean your white trainers, you can just google it and you’ll find dozens of people showing you the same thing.

And now I just share my life and thoughts because I think someone else might find my challenges or thoughts inspiring. And if you do, I thank you with all my existence.

Stay real and true to yourself.


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