Hi! You stumbled upon a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog run by me, Elo. I came to experience this world in Estonia 19 years ago. My current life challenge is studying Fashion Marketing and Management in the University of Southampton, UK.

For me fashion is a way of expressing ones personality, it is a powerful tool to unite people and make an impact. It is a way to speak visually. Same with beauty essentials – they have the power to make a person feel beautiful and confident. I am also a huge fan of healthy lifestyle – keeping my body and mind fresh while finding ways to improve my wellbeing in a way that doesn’t ruin Mother Earth.

With creativity running through my blood I feel the need to learn, create and share my thoughts with the world to give it back what it has given me. I truly believe that everyone can create the life of their dreams if they have enough courage to try. I will be a kind friend to lead you the way.